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Reducing coronavirus risk

‘A better politics is possible’

Australians have been appalled by the government’s behaviour in recent months over ‘sports rorts’. It shows why we need a federal integrity commission.

I’ve launched The Beechworth Principles – by which any Integrity Commission can be measured – because in Beechworth in 1853 everyday Australians demanded better of their government, and won. We can and must do this again. A better politics is possible.

You can help to fix our broken politics. Sign the petition.


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We nurture and build democracy if we take part. In Indi, we choose not to be quiet. We choose to use our voice and to hear the voices of others. Stay engaged. Step out and speak up.
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Mailbox newsletter lands in Indi

My Mailbox newsletter first edition should land at your address this week. I’d love you to complete the clip-out free-post survey.

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