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Grants are available

Thousands of grant opportunities are available to businesses, community organisations and not-for-profit groups and individuals across Indi.

Knowing where to start and what to look for is the key. I’ve worked with successful grant recipients in my North East Victorian communities and grant experts to develop a range of How-to guides and video resources to step you through the process.

Used together, these tools are designed to help you or your organisation find the right grant and make a thorough application.


Discover grants

Looking for a grant for your community group or business?

I’ve developed the Indi Funding Finder, your one-stop shop to search for grants. This comprehensive online portal that gives you free access to the widest range of current grants. Registration required.

Grant resources

Here you’ll find a series of six handy ‘how-to’ guides and corresponding videos to help you or your organisation find and apply for grants.

How-to videos

Workshop wrap-up

In August-September 2020 I hosted a series of free online grants workshops.

Grant workshop video

View the recording of the full workshop held on September 15, 2020:

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