Helen Haines


Help me restore integrity, decency and vision to Australian politics. Donate to keep a truly Independent voice in Parliament.

Australia needs an Independent voice to restore integrity to politics, to drive locally-owned renewable energy and to fight so that regional Australia doesn’t get left behind.

Doing good work costs money. And I can’t do it alone.

Unlike some other politicians, your donation won’t buy you influence or access.

But you will help me do what I’ve been put here to do. That’s to stick up for our community and be a truly representative voice in our Parliament.

Everyone knows who my bosses are – the people of Indi who elected me. And I work for them every day.

Donations disclosure policy

Transparency and accountability is at the core of why I became a politician. That’s why I disclose the name and amount of every donation above $1,000.

This includes smaller donations from the one donor that together total over $1,000. I also disclose the name of donors and amount donated when they have elected to have their donation disclosed. The donor list is updated quarterly. Here is the latest donor list.

Donations I receive above $14,500 are disclosed within five days.

NOTE: The first $1,500 contributed during a financial year to a political party is tax-deductible.

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