Read the Indi Budget Survey Report 

On 6 October 2020 the Federal Government delivered its budget. Given the events of 2020, this was the most important budget in a generation. It revealed the Government’s plans for Australia’s economic recovery.

Before the budget, I consulted with local government and stakeholders to put forward the priority investments for our electorate.

After the budget, I wanted to know what my constituents thought about it. What issues mattered to them right now. Whether the budget hit the mark.

I ran an online survey in October and got over 1,231 responses. You can read the results in my Indi Budget Survey Report now.

The results are rich in information. The message was clear – the government must do much more to invest in the economic recovery of our region.

While people gave the federal Government credit for schemes like JobKeeper, the survey responses revealed that the economic and health costs of the bushfires, pandemic and border closure are an inescapable fact of daily life – and the consequences are close to the surface.

Overwhelmingly, people in Indi believe the Government should be doing much more to invest in critical services like aged care, mental health and childcare.

This feedback guided my response to the Budget. On 28 October I gave my Budget In Reply Speech which incorporated what I heard, the stories and voices of our locals.

As a community independent I listen to my constituents and put their views first. These survey results will continue to guide my work over the coming months: how I vote on Bills, the policies I advocate for and my work with Ministers to secure funding.

The Budget isn’t just a big night of spin. It’s your money. It’s your future. And your opinions matter.