What issues matter to you right now? And did the Budget hit the mark?

The 2020 Budget has revealed the government’s plans for Australia’s economic recovery. This will affect daily life for us in Indi in many ways.

Today, I want to know what you think.

Take my Indi Budget Survey now.

I want to hear your thoughts on incentives for small business, tax cuts and $250 cash payments, funding for renewable energy and our local roads, rail and infrastructure.

I’m committed to consulting regularly with you so I know what’s important. This survey will help me understand what matters to you and help me represent your interests here at home and in Parliament.

Your feedback will guide my response to the budget – which proposals are good, and which need more scrutiny. I’ll publish the results and use this survey in my Budget in Reply speech in Parliament in late October.

Please spend five minutes completing my Indi Budget Survey. I’d like to get over 1000 responses. If your family and friends in Indi complete this survey too, I’ll have the best picture of what our electorate needs, so please send it on to them.

The Budget isn’t just a big night of spin. It’s your money. It’s your future. And your opinions matter.