A red-hot chance in Indi?

Last month Inside Story joined us on the campaign trail in Indi. 

Read the full piece from Kerry Ryan here.

St Matthew’s Albury Lenten Address

On March 17, Helen addressed St Mathew's Anglican Church in Albury as part of the 2019 Lenten Lecture series.

Indi collaboration extends mobile coverage

Independent candidate for Indi Helen Haines has congratulated Towong, Benalla and Alpine communities on the success of collaborative work to secure funding for another four mobile telephone base stations in the North East.

Helen Haines to be the Orange Candidate

Nurse, midwife and rural health researcher Helen Haines today confirmed her commitment to the consultative, empowering approach to community representation established by the Orange Independent movement and two-term Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan AO MP.