July 8, 2021

Helen Haines MP has congratulated the community of Yackandandah on the launch of their community battery Yack01, the first community-scale battery of its kind in Australia.

On Thursday the community of Yackandandah, led by Totally Renewable Yackandandah and Indigo Power, flicked the switch on the battery, sending renewable, clean energy to Indigo Power customers in the town.

“This battery is the culmination of several years of determined and dogged work and something of which the Yackandandah community should be very proud,” Dr Haines, the Independent Federal Member for Indi, said.

“This is a living, breathing example of communities taking control of their future, and is a shining example of Yackandandah’s community spirit.

“I am so proud of the community of Yackandandah, one of 13 community energy groups working in Indi, here in rural Victoria, to build Australia’s renewable energy future.”

The 274kWh community-scale battery, named Yack01, has been installed at the Old Saw Mill in Yackandandah, connected to a 65 kW solar installation. It will store energy collected by the solar panels during the day and discharge it during the night.

Storage is a vital part of the move to renewables, allowing renewable energy to be stored and used even when the sun isn’t shining.

Yack01 has been funded by $171,000 from the Victorian Government, approximately $100,000 raised by Totally Renewable Yackandandah and a $100,000 loan taken out by Indigo Power and underwritten by Sustainability Victoria.

“While the battery itself may not be big, this is a big step in the push for the town to become 100 per cent renewable and shows what can be achieved when communities and government work together on innovative solutions.

“This kind of project is exactly what my Local Power Plan is all about – supporting regional communities to harness renewable sources of energy and keep the benefits in their towns.

“Through cheaper, more reliable power, local jobs and investment, I want every community in Indi and every town in Australia to have access to the same benefits that Yackandandah is realising – cheaper power and energy security.”


Totally Renewable Yackandandah formed in 2014, with the aim of getting the town of Yackandandah, and its population of less than 2000 people, to 100 per cent renewables.

Indigo Power is a community-owned energy company and social enterprise, formed in 2019 to power regional communities with energy from clean sources.

As a social enterprise, the company is committed to returning 50 per cent of profits to clean energy and community projects.

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