May 17, 2022

This election is about a positive vision for Indi and real representation in Canberra: Haines

Independent Federal Member for Indi Helen Haines has stood with supporters in Wangaratta today to reiterate her commitment to the people of Indi and highlight the importance of a positive, community-led campaign.

“This election is about the people of Indi having real representation in Canberra, someone who is committed to working for the people of Indi and improving the standard of politics we see from the Federal Parliament,” Haines said.

“As an Independent, I am guided by what the community tells me, by the values that these volunteers commit to.

“More than 1800 people have signed up to the values of my campaign, have volunteered their time at polling booths, at street stalls, door-knocking, and making phone calls.

“We have knocked on almost every door in Wodonga, Wangaratta and Benalla, having thousands of conversations about the issues people are facing.

“And what the people of Indi have said is loud and clear: they are sick of negative politics, of attacks and name-calling. They are sick of rorts and misuse of public money. That’s why I am running again, to be a strong voice demanding better from the Government.”

Haines also spoke out against the attacks, smears, and vandalism that her campaign has faced in recent days.

“In the past few days people in Indi have received yet another attack on me from the Australian Christian Lobby in their letterbox, as well as a generic attack from the Liberal party that shows they haven’t been paying attention in Indi at all.”

The Liberal attack repeated lines used against independent candidates across the country, implying Haines had left important questions unanswered.

“I have been upfront with the people of Indi every time I am asked in the street or in the media about what I would do in the event of a hung parliament, I have released a series of detailed, costed policies that address cost of living, health and mental health care, aged care, integrity and climate change.

“We knew the Liberal party would try desperate, dirty tricks in the final days of the campaign. But since 2013, the message from the people of Indi has been clear: we reject negative, misleading campaigns. We want better from politicians. We want clear, positive messages that show a real vision of the future for Indi.

“These attacks show the Liberal party doesn’t understand the people of Indi at all, they have no vision for our future and only seek to bring down others.”

Haines said she was the safe pair of hands the community could trust to represent them properly in Parliament.

“This election is about voting for someone who has deep connections to the community, who understands the issues we face and how to get action from the Government.

“It’s about someone who has experience, who listens and delivers.

“Over the past three years my office has assisted thousands of people with Centrelink, NDIS, border permits, immigration and so much more. I have held more than 70 meetings with ministers, including regular meetings with the Prime Minister.

“I know how to do the work and I am committed to keep working for the people for Indi.”

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