Beechworth’s Trudi Ryan is leading an Indi-wide petition calling on the Parliament of Australia to establish a federal integrity commission that upholds The Beechworth Principles.

Trudi is chief petitioner – and signed it in Beechworth’s historic court house ahead of the declaration of the Principles in front of a 200-strong crowd.

The Principles outline the type of integrity commission that I’m working to achieve as Independent Federal Member for Indi. They are designed to speak back to the Indi community about precisely what I mean when I say I’ll push for an Integrity Commission with teeth, and to speak to the government about what I believe the Australian community expects of it.

When the government releases its legislation to introduce an integrity commission, I will be judging it against The Beechworth Principles. I will ask: ‘Does this proposal have broad jurisdiction? Does it put everybody under a common set of rules? Does it have appropriate powers to fulfil its purpose? Will it hold fair hearings? And is it accountable to the people?’

If the government’s proposal does not meet the Principles, then I will be drafting amendments to ensure that it does. If the government rejects my amendments, I will introduce my own Bill that reflects The Beechworth Principles.

These Principles are not an ultimatum but an invitation. I hope the government rises to the occasion on this. All of my votes in the House will be dedicated to ensuring we legislate a commission, and if, once it is established, it lacks what I believe it needs, I will introduce further legislation to improve it, according to these Beechworth Principles.

Find out about the Principles. Sign the petition.

[February 18, 2020]

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