The arts and culture scene in Indi is back in force, from small rural art shows to theatre and craft markets. From small gatherings to major events, it’s all happening. The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues has had a triumphant return. I had the honour of being part of the 2022 national young jazz guitarist award won by Peter Koopman from Sydney—a fantastic performer. Congratulations to all the organisers, the Rural City of Wangaratta and the many amazing volunteers who made this iconic event happen once again.

The HotHouse Theatre company in Wodonga is enjoying full houses as patrons enjoy an impressive schedule of local and national plays. On the border, our internationally renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus is in fine form. It’s got its troupe rolling and tumbling, ready to present the Borderville Circus Festival—a fortnight of extravagance and wonder leading up to Christmas.

It’s a heady time in Indi, and I’m so proud of the thriving and exciting arts scene that we have there. There truly is something for everyone. I extend a warm invitation to anyone in this House and particularly to both our Minister for the Arts and our Special Envoy for the Arts to pencil in a visit to Indi. Enjoy our artisans and our artistes. There are so many of them, and there’s so much on offer.

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