Three years ago, I ran for Parliament to try and bring integrity back to politics and to model a better way of representing our community than that offered by the major parties.

And I’m proud of my work in Parliament as the Independent Federal Member for Indi.

That’s why it is so disappointing to see that the Liberal Party has yet again stooped to gutter politics in the campaign for the seat of Indi, using taxpayer funds to spread blatant misinformation about my voting record in local media.

I am upfront about how I vote and the claims made by Melbourne-based Liberal Party Senator Jane Hume are a total distortion of the truth.

As an Independent, I vote for Indi 100% of the time. I review each new law on its merits, and work with our communities and all sides of politics to get the best outcomes for us every time.

I update my website after every sitting period with the real facts on how I vote. That record is independently verified by the Parliamentary Library.

Here are the facts.

Since I’ve been in parliament, I’ve voted 285 times on new laws.

I’ve voted with the Coalition 48% of the time.

I’ve voted with Labor 48% of the time.

And I’ve voted with neither of the major parties 4% of the time.

As an Independent, I am free to support good policies from the Government, and to oppose or amend bad policies from the Government. I’m not forced to regurgitate party lines or vote against the best interests of the people of Indi because party bosses in Sydney or Melbourne tell me to. I listen to my community.

And I don’t run negative attack ads spreading lies about my political opponents. I never will. Because the people of Indi deserve better.

After decades as a nurse and midwife, one of the reasons I entered politics was to bring the standards I saw in my medical life, upheld by everyday people, into politics. I’m clear with the people of Indi about the standard of political debate I abide by as the Independent Federal Member for Indi and will continue to uphold in the campaign.

Unfortunately, personal insults and attacks, and even completely false statements will once again be thrown around in a bid to win votes. I’ll never do that.

Right now, we have no truth in political advertising laws at the federal level. I believe that’s unacceptable and highly corrosive to our democracy. I back calls to make it illegal to lie in political advertising.

I call on all other candidates in Indi to vow not to spread misinformation this election campaign.

We owe this to the people of Indi. The health of our democracy and Indi’s future depends on it.

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