I rise in support of these amendments and, indeed, in support of the National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill 2022. I want to place on the record my very strong congratulations of the Attorney-General, the Prime Minister and the government on bringing this historic reform to our nation. Much has been said—and, indeed, I think I promised a week or so ago that I would not have anything more to say about this. The bill has gone backwards and forwards a little. That demonstrates though the willingness of the people in this place to engage in a debate on a matter of enormous national significance.

We’ve talked quite a bit this morning about trust and integrity. We’ve talked about the power of our democracy and the crucial role we have in protecting it. It is my deep and sincere hope that this National Anti-Corruption Commission forever places all of us on notice and restores trust to the Australian people in a way they have been longing for.

I’m very pleased to have been part of a parliament that has seen this historic day finally come to pass. There are many people whose hands are part of this, but, ultimately, this day does belong to the government; it belongs to the Attorney-General’s Department, who crafted this work; it belongs to the people who participated with submissions; and it belongs to people past and present. I am very proud to have played some role in this. I’m very proud to sit on the crossbench that championed this throughout the election period as well. I’m very proud of the Australian people who saw integrity as the No. 1 issue that they needed to be concerned about. I congratulate the Attorney-General, the Prime Minister and the government on this day.

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