Imagine, if you will, a giant circus tent at the Wangaratta rodeo grounds, 1700 people gathered, local food trucks, and hours of fantastic rocking music – hit after hit across genres. 

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?  

Well Mr Speaker, I am here to report that the Project365 Ripple Effect event held in Wangaratta last weekend absolutely was a rollicking, fabulous event. 

But it wasn’t just a concert, there was an important message and purpose. 

Project 365 promotes positive mental health. They encourage us to talk about ‘the elephant in the room’ a message that many people across rural and regional Australia can relate to. 

The crowd was buzzing and I was so proud to be there. Everyone was connecting and sharing a strong sense of community. 

The ‘You Can Cry’ band played songs and shared messages about facing adversity and mental ill-health and where to find support.  

The message from Project365 is particularly important at this time of year

The Christmas period can be a particularly tough time for many people. But no one needs to struggle alone.  

Check-in with family and friends, neighbours and colleagues. Have a yarn and ask them how they’re doing.  If you need support, reach out to Beyond Blue or Headspace or speak to someone that you know and trust.   

Thank you Peter Rourke, Cynthia Andrews and the Project 365 team for bringing us together to talk about mental health and happy Christmas. 

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