17 January 2022

Haines begins visit to United States under Parliamentary Delegation 

Over the next five days I will take part in a multipartisan Parliamentary Delegation to the United States organised by the US Embassy in Australia under the International Visitor Leadership Program.

The purpose is to build US-Australia relations and to deepen Australian parliamentarians’ understanding of US foreign and defence policy.

The delegation will visit Washington DC and New York City. We will meet our counterparts in Congress and top officials in defence, foreign policy and climate policy.

I am looking forward to growing my understanding of the US’s strategic engagement in the Indo Pacific and the impact of China’s rise and explore U.S.-Australia climate and energy cooperation.

I am proud to be nominated to this delegation and to have the opportunity to represent Indi overseas. Foreign policy and regional security are two issues raised regularly by constituents, and deepening my understanding will help me to advocate on these matters back home.

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