February 7, 2022

Only one option for MPs who truly value integrity: Haines

Today the Attorney General admitted what we have known to be true for a long time: integrity is not a priority for the Liberal National Government.

For three years they have delayed, distracted and dragged their feet after promising to implement a federal integrity commission, and now that promise is broken.

What the Government does prioritise is the ability to spend taxpayer money for political purposes, without proper scrutiny. That is what we will see again in the upcoming budget and election campaign.

We knew a government that sees no difference between taxpayer money and Liberal National party money wouldn’t value integrity, but now they have proven it.

The only Bill for a robust federal integrity commission with teeth to be developed in consultation with legal experts in this term of Parliament is my Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill.

As an Independent I have tried to work with the Government to progress a federal integrity commission with teeth, but today’s admission of failure by the Attorney General shows the only way Australia will get a federal integrity commission is with my Bill, coming from the crossbench.

I know the majority of MPs who do value integrity are ready to vote on my Bill.

Voting with integrity means voting for integrity. Liberal and National MPs who value integrity will get no chance in this Parliament to vote in favour of an integrity commission bill drafted by their Government.

There will be consequences at the ballot box for MPs who talk a big game on integrity but take no action in Parliament.

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