Next week we will see the government’s legislation for the National Anti-Corruption Commission. It will be a significant moment in the national push for an integrity watchdog at a federal level in Australia.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to implement an integrity commission that holds politicians to account and creates a better level of transparency and governance at the federal level.

I have been in regular contact with the Attorney General and I am pleased that we are in agreement on many points.

But the job is far from finished.

An independent whistleblower commissioner; sufficient, independent and protected funding; strong oversight mechanisms that protect its independence from the Government of the day, proper jurisdiction over third parties, and the ability for own motion investigations.

We also need a significant pro-integrity agenda – education, capacity-building, prevention.

I have been fighting for a strong integrity commission since the moment I stepped into this place.

The Government has acted swiftly and I applaud that.

But I don’t consider the introduction of their legislation to be job done.

I’ll be working hard to make sure we get it right.

I’ll work in good faith, be constructive and fair, but I won’t stop, won’t cut corners and never stop fighting for integrity in politics.

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