Today I’m reading a speech written by my Indi Youth Advisory Panel on behalf of our young people as part of our Raise Our Voice Australia program. Here is their message:

Affording to live is increasingly difficult. Prices of everything are going up, and everyone is grappling with this.

Many full-time students cannot work the hours needed to subsidise these soaring costs, particularly those on low wages. They are fed up with the rapidly increasing price of uni accommodation—not to mention essentials like fruit and veggies.

NEVER has there been a more legitimate reason to live off the two-minute noodles.

Young people are concerned for their futures—experiencing a lack of hope and ambition. The social divisions and economic brackets are restricting our access and eligibility to various benefit schemes designed to help us.

We feel that governments have lost focus on preparing Australia for future generations when it comes to the ‘cost of living’ issues. Not enough people or communities are thriving in modern Australia.

So, Mr Speaker, young people call on this parliament to get a grip on the economic challenges that are impeding the prosperity of future generations. And to act immediately to raise benefit schemes like Rent Assistance and Youth Allowance in line with inflation.

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