September 1, 2020

House of Representatives

I rise in the House to speak about my communities of Indi. They have risen to the challenges of isolation thrown at them by this unending pandemic and proven themselves to be resourceful and benevolent.

While the demand made on the mental health and well-being of many in my electorate this year has been great, I want to take this opportunity to mention a few of the organisations and individuals who have shone through in what often feels like dark times.

Mary Pike and the Upper Kiewa Valley Community Association made PPE for the local hospital. Local CWAs and Pangerang Community House are making face masks. RSL volunteers are providing delivery services to vulnerable veterans. Mansfield Primary School students are writing letters to isolated senior citizens. Kinglake Rangers Neighbourhood House are providing counselling and music therapy. Free online initiatives like laughing yoga are being offered. After 50 years of teaching piano to local students, Lorice Vine took her lessons online for the very first time. Finally, the Kangaroo Hoppet, an internationally recognised annual cross-country ski event held at Falls Creek, has also gone online. It has attracted over 1800 entries and almost 500 international competitors. It closed on 30 August. I wish them all an overwhelming success.

We are all in this together. I appreciate your fortitude and resilience. Thank you to the people of Indi.

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