21 June 2023

Home-grown innovative aged care program to be expanded across Indi after winning federal funding

A program that offers practical ways for older people to live longer in better health will be expanded across North East Victoria after being awarded $1.3 million by the Federal Government.

Beechworth Health Service will roll out the Indigo 4Ms tool to six rural health services, including Alpine Health, Beechworth Health Service, Corryong Health, Gateway Health, Tallangatta Health Service and Yackandandah Health.

The Indigo 4Ms stands for what matters to them, medications, mobility and mental health. It provides a structure for the care of older people, ensuring that health care professionals:

  • understand and act on a person’s values, priorities, goals and care preferences
  • screen for high-risk medications and prescribe medicines effectively
  • support patients to stay mobile and take part in physical activity that suits their ability
  • assess and ensure adequate hydration, nutrition and sleep
  • screen, assess and manage vision, hearing, incontinence, cognitive decline and depression.

The tool was co-designed with local communities and health and aged care stakeholders and will translate community-led design into practice to benefit Australians living in rural and remote communities in north-east Victoria.

Dr Haines launched the pilot of the program in Beechworth in March 2022 and congratulated Beechworth Health Service for the expansion of the program.

“This innovative model of care shows what can be achieved in rural and remote communities and how we can deliver health care that has a significant positive impact on the lives of older people,” Dr Haines said.

“When people have a say in their own care, they get better results. This tool shows principle in action and I look forward to seeing the results once it is rolled out.”

“I am so proud of our communities in Indi, who are at the forefront of ensuring older Australians live longer in better health,” Dr Haines said.

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