June 14, 2022

Helen Haines officially declared re-elected Independent Federal Member for Indi

Helen Haines has officially been declared the re-elected Independent Federal Member for Indi by the Australian Electoral Commission in Wangaratta on Tuesday.

It marks the final step in the 2022 federal election in Indi, where Dr Haines was re-elected with a 7.46% swing towards her.

Dr Haines won the final two candidate preferred vote with 58.9% of the vote, while Liberal candidate Ross Lyman finished with 41.1% of the two candidate preferred vote.

Dr Haines received 40.69% of the primary vote, the highest number of first preferences ever received by an Independent candidate in Indi, with more than 41,000 people marking a ‘1’ next to her name on the ballot paper. She received more first preference votes than any other candidate.

“It is an honour to be re-elected as the Federal Independent Member for Indi, to serve and represent everyone across this beautiful electorate,” Dr Haines said.

“I am committed to delivering for each and every one of the people of Indi, no matter who they voted for. We are facing some of the most difficult, complex and challenging situations in Australia and I am committed to speaking up for what we need and finding real solutions to our problems.

“Work has already started on the issues the people of Indi have told me are vital – integrity in politics, health care in our region, action on climate change and support for affordable housing and with cost-of-living pressures.”

Dr Haines acknowledged the other candidates in the election and their teams of volunteers.

“It is a huge thing to put your hand up to represent your electorate, and a lot of work to mount a campaign. Everyone comes with the goal of making life better for those around them and to participate in the democratic process and that is something to be proud of.”

Dr Haines acknowledged the staff of the Australian Electoral Commission for their work on the election.

“Thank you to Jenny Essex and her whole team at the Australian Electoral Commission here. The work they do is tremendous and important. The AEC makes our democracy possible, and this election posed many new challenges.”

Following on from Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan, the re-election of Dr Haines is the fourth time the people of Indi have chosen to be represented by a strong Independent voice in federal parliament.

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