July 15, 2022

Haines puts pressure on the ARTC after missed Euroa deadline

The Australian Rail Track Corporation has failed to notify the people of Euroa about its chosen design for the redevelopment the town’s track crossing by July 1, the deadline the government agency set for itself.

Dr Helen Haines, Independent Federal Member for Indi, has called on the ARTC to come clean with the people of Euroa on the plans after years of delays and excuses.

As part of the federal government’s inland rail program, which involves redeveloping or building train line to allow taller, double-stacked freight trains between Melbourne and Brisbane, rail precincts in the towns of Euroa, Benalla, Wangaratta and Glenrowan will be redeveloped.

The ARTC originally proposed to increase the height of the current Anderson Street overpass in Euroa, but locals have campaigned instead for an underpass, arguing a higher bridge would be an eyesore and create an unnecessary division in the town.

“As part of the recent consultations in Euroa, the ARTC said locals would be informed of the agency’s preferred option by July 1. Well that day has come and gone, and we have heard nothing. The ARTC needs to tell us what design it has recommended to the Victorian Government, and the Victorian Government, which has final decision-making power, needs to tell us what is has decided Dr Haines said.

“The people of Euroa deserve to get clarity about what the ARTC is planning for their town. We just need to put it to bed.”

Dr Haines said an underpass would allow the two sides of Euroa to be re-connected after being separated by the road bridge for many years.

“This is a chance for the people of Euroa to have a say in what happens in their town, for the amenity to be improved for decades to come. We can’t miss this chance to get the best result for Euroa.”

Dr Haines said the ARTC and Victorian Government must communicate properly with locals.

“The ARTC has missed the deadline it set for itself on when it would tell the people of Euroa what to expect. Now they must either tell us what is happening for the redevelopment or set out a new timeline for when the community can expect to hear from them.”

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