I support the member for Clark on this motion for the urgent need to suspend standing orders and debate this incredibly serious problem that we’re seeing at Crown Casino in Melbourne. This is something that needs scrutiny at the highest level. That’s why it’s so important that this parliament addresses this issue right now. Not only is the reputation of so many people in Melbourne at stake right now but also the reputation of the nation, as a fair and just nation, is at stake. It’s why this parliament must get engaged in this debate and why this parliament must support the suspension of standing orders to debate a royal commission.

We know right now that ACLEI is involved in the scrutiny of the Crown Casino, but that is not enough. It does not have the powers of a royal commission. It cannot undertake the scrutiny that’s required to get to the bottom of this.

It is why we need, in this parliament, a proper robust federal integrity commission. It’s why I’m introducing, on Monday, two bills to address this glaring gap in our parliament—that is, for a federal integrity commission that is robust, has teeth and can get to the bottom of allegations, such as what have been put to Crown casino. It is with great enthusiasm, indeed, that I support the suspension of standing orders on this motion.

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