Dr HAINES (Indi) (13:43): There are times when I am so proud to share the story of a local hero in my electorate.

Today I commend Ms Jennifer Tait who has dedicated her life to helping people with disabilities.

Ms Tait has opened both a plan management and support company, Blue Goose, and a social enterprise café, the Purple Chicken.

These businesses create jobs for young adults with disabilities and help them to transition into open employment in a variety of industries right across the border region.

Many young adults with disabilities in our community are either unemployed or underemployed. This is being addressed through the Purple Chicken café.

The café employs up to 30 young adults who learn hospitality, social, employment preparation and daily living skills to live more independently.

The participants love their training at the café so much, they’re often heard to say “I’m never leaving”.

Currently, 3 young adults have moved into their own homes, 9 have achieved jobs, a further 4 have progressed to further training at school or work placements, with 6 going for their driver learner permits.

Young adults such as Rhys, Shaun, Rai, Harry, and Mitch are a true inspiration and working hard to lead fulfilling lives, with the support of many and their NDIS plans.

I commend Jen Tait, all involved in the Purple Chicken café but mainly all the incredible young adults who are benefitting from the opportunity this fantastic initiative provides.

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