May 11, 2022

Boho South, Goorambat and Tarrawingee to get better phone coverage

Three towns in Indi will receive better mobile phone coverage after successfully being granted funding under the Regional Connectivity Program, said Independent Member for Indi Helen Haines.

The new macro cell towers in Boho South, Goorambat and Tarrawingee will improve mobile phone reception and remove black spots.

Haines worked with Telstra, local governments and the community to apply for these towers under the program, writing letters of support for all three locations that were successful.

“Better phone and internet coverage is vital for safety, for productivity, for everything in modern day life. Fixing black spots like these will have a huge effect on these towns,” Haines said.

In this latest announcement, Indi retains its position as the most successful electorate in Victoria when it comes to federally funded mobile phone towers.

“Twelve new mobile phone towers have been funded federally since I was elected in 2019 and I am committed to securing funding to address mobile coverage issues across Indi,” Haines said.

“Our success so far is no accident. Through working hand in hand with local communities through local councils and telcos through the Indi Telecommunications Advisory Group I have worked hard to identify black spots and put forward strong applications to the Regional Connectivity Program and Mobile Black Spot program.”

Haines called people in the towns to inform them of the new towers and celebrated how the better phone coverage would improve the ability to run farms, small businesses and study for residents.

The already-announced tower in Tarrawingee was the subject of a petition signed by hundreds of locals and tabled in Parliament by Helen Haines.

“As an Independent, I have worked hand in hand with communities to deliver infrastructure that will help our region thrive,” Haines said.

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