I rise to tell you about the historic town of Bright, set along the Ovens River. Bright has long been a favourite tourism and tree-change destination for its proximity to the snowfields, outdoor adventure experiences and world-class food and wine. It is simply gorgeous. It’s a place where people move to raise their families and then stay for their retirement.

With all this beauty, you would not think there could be anything that I would change in Bright, but there is.

For over two decades, the residents of Bright have been calling for a high-needs aged-care facility. They fear for their later years, knowing that, without one, many would have to move away from family and friends if they were to need high care. This is not what they’ve built their life in Bright for.

Yes, Bright is attracting young families, and those same families want services that stretch right across the life span for this beautiful community.

The local health service has now delivered a business case for a new, $26-million high-needs aged-care facility, and I’ve launched a petition calling on the government to provide that funding.

This community has waited for decades, and now it’s time, finally, for the federal government to step up. I call on the federal government to fund a new high-needs aged-care facility for Bright.

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