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I planned to deliver a speech today about an important renewable energy initiative in my electorate where everyday people are getting involved in designing public policy.

But when I woke up this morning to the appalling revelations of disgraceful corruption in the Victorian ALP, I felt duty-bound to say something.

And that’s precisely the issue isn’t it. That this festering rot of corruption doesn’t just corrode our democracy, it means we spend more time lamenting the depravity of politics than actually solving problems for Australians.

I find the revelations from Victoria disgusting. But I also find it hard to accept the sanctimonious lectures from the Coalition.

This is a government that has seen more corruption scandals than I can count and yet has never disciplined a Minister over it.

This is a party which, just four days ago, gagged me when I tried to bring on a Bill to legislate a Federal Integrity Commission in the House.

Today is not a day for anyone in this place to be gloating. It is a bad day for democracy.

It is just the latest of the periodic bursts of outrage and disappointment that will continue until politicians grow up and stop behaving like the rules don’t apply to them.

We need a Federal Integrity Commission.

Attorney-General, it’s time to release your Bill.

[June 15, 2020]

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