Today’s Victorian Tourism Recovery Package is fabulous support for our local tourism, hospitality and accommodation small businesses.

Many projects announced by Premier Andrews today were identified by the community in my Indi Federal Budget Submission consultation. They are precisely the priority projects the community called for.

Both sleigh bells and cash registers will be ringing at Christmas with $200 vouchers for each visitor encouraging them to spend that little bit more. This is the holiday gift that our businesses need.

The King Valley Prosecco Road Project has long been championed by the community. I join with them in the excitement of seeing this game-changing development funded.

The King Valley is a hidden gem. This funding will reveal its treasures not only to our Victorian cousins but to all of Australia the best of what this world-famous food and wine region has to offer.

Our wineries had a shocking year with the loss of summer trade and COVID-19. Over the last year I’ve worked with them to secure funding for smoke taint and wind back the harsher aspects of the border closure which evaporated their NSW trade.

Each time we met, we talked about their hopes for the future. These announcements are about creating that future.

Hiking in our magnificent high country is a gift to the soul. The $15 million for the Falls to Mr Hotham Alpine Crossing will add this walk to the list of must-do hikes that are iconic in the minds of nature enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity for the Federal Government to step up and co-fund the rest of this fantastic project.

There’s so much potential in North East Victoria for growing our tourism. There are plenty of other projects the Federal Government could get behind, such as the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, the Alexandra to Eildon Rail Trail, the Skyline Road Precinct at Lake Eildon.

I encourage the Federal Government to support long-term local jobs and rebuild our local small business sector by funding these community priority projects.

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