A New Hospital in Albury Wodonga

Call on the Federal Government to fund a new world-class hospital on the border

Albury Wodonga Health is already one of the busiest regional health services in the state. As the population on the border grows, it’s only going to get busier. People from all over Indi use Albury Wodonga Health services. We need a new hospital on the border before it is over capacity.

Within 15 years, the population on the border will grow by a third. By 2040 we’ll need a hospital capable of handling 150,000 emergency presentations, 40,000 surgeries and 1,900 births every year.

As a nurse and midwife who has worked in the North East the majority of my career, I know how much stronger and healthier our communities will be with first-class facilities from neo-natal to aged care.

Albury Wodonga Health are finalising a masterplan that will set out just what our community will need in a health service in the decades to come. A new hospital is what we need, but the Federal Government needs to step up and commit funding.

Join with me in calling on the Federal Government to promise funding a new hospital in Albury Wodonga now.

If we had a world-class hospital in Albury-Wodonga, people needing medical treatment wouldn’t be separated from their families, alone in hospital in Melbourne.

Sick babies could be looked after in a neo-natal intensive care unit close to home, specialist appointments wouldn’t take a three and a half hour drive each way. Ongoing treatments wouldn’t mean moving away from family supports and home comforts.

Sign the petition below and let me know what it would mean to you to have a world class hospital on the border. I want to take your stories straight to the Federal Government so they really understand why Albury Wodonga needs this.

UPDATE: On November 16 I released the What A New Hospital Would Mean For Us report, a compilation of experiences and stories from our community about the difference a new hospital in Albury Wodonga would make.

These powerful, personal stories show the life-changing difference a new hospital for Albury Wodonga would have – for young families, for people as they age, for people experiencing illness and injury.

The stress and trauma experienced by people who must travel for their own medical care, or support their family members from a distance, adds to the difficulty of dealing with medical issues. A world-class facility on the border will take away some of that stress if people can get the care they need close to home.

Many people who signed the petition shared their experiences and concerns.

“My husband was air lifted to Melbourne recently in a potentially life-threatening situation. I’ve never felt so frightened or isolated not being able to go with him or be there. Living here also concerns me for our future as we age. Will we be able to access our specialists in Melbourne when we are no longer driving? How hard will it be when we have mobility problems or financially can’t afford the trips?” – Anthea, Lavington

“I’ve been visiting Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre for over 4 years now on a regular basis, and it is an amazing facility. If a new hospital could be built that would reach these same standards, that would be an amazing resource. I currently travel daily from Benalla Shire for radiation, but for anything more than a PET scan I need to go to Melbourne.” – Anne-Marie, Goorambat

“We need up to date facilities to allow medical procedures, education, and research to proceed ahead to match future requirements. Pleasant and relevant facilities assist in attracting the brightest and progressive experts.” – Margaret, Molyullah

You can read the report here.