May 17, 2020

Indi Cockatoo # 11

Indi electorate newsletter: meeting with the Treasurer to discuss the recovery of local businesses, launching a community-led, co-design process for renewable energy policy in regional Australia, and presenting the petition supporting the Beechworth Principles to Parliament

April 25, 2020

Indi Cockatoo # 10

Indi electorate newsletter: new mobile phone towers for Indi, Bushfire recovery chief hears from Indi communities, businesses respond to Indi COVID-19 impact survey, and remembering those who served

April 10, 2020

Indi Cockatoo # 9

Indi electorate newsletter: JobKeeper package, COVID-19 impacts on Indi business, child care changes, using telehealth to dial your doctor, and ensuring bushfire support is maintained

March 27, 2020

Indi Cockatoo # 8

Indi electorate newsletter: coronavirus pandemic, critical message from the health front line, jobs and business vital – but we can’t forget bushfire communities, and finding the right support for you

March 24, 2020

Mailbox newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of my Mailbox newsletter, distributed to your address in your Indi community in March 2020

March 16, 2020

Indi Cockatoo # 7

Indi electorate newsletter: bushfire recovery, coronavirus threat, softwood sector support, and Beechworth Tennis Club’s lob for integrity over sports rorts

February 21, 2020

Indi Cockatoo # 6

Indi electorate newsletter – contains information about our communities’ phenomenal bushfire effort, funding for Albury Wodonga Health brought forward, and the declaration of The Beechworth Principles.

January 9, 2020

Indi Cockatoo # 5

My Indi electorate newsletter – this edition contains information about government and other help for North East communities affected by the New Year 2020 bushfire emergency.

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