March 25, 2021

Parliament to inquire into locally-owned renewables

The House Environment and Energy Committee has agreed to hold a public inquiry into my renewable energy plan for regional Australia

March 19, 2021

Inland Rail can deliver once-in-a-generation legacy

Inland Rail is an important project that will become a great asset for the people of Indi but only if it’s done properly

March 16, 2021

Minister has power to sort Inland Rail concerns

I invited the Deputy Prime Minister to visit in North East to raise serious community concerns about the progress of the Inland Rail project in Wangaratta, Glenrowan, Benalla, and Euroa

March 13, 2021

Upcoming bills in Parliament

I assess each and every bill on its merits, putting the views of the community first. If any of these bills impact you, and you’d like to let me know your views, please email me or telephone my office.

March 13, 2021

Indigenous Voice: 'Let's just get this done'

I encourage everyone to explore the Indigenous Voice process and make a submission so, as a country, we can bring these Voices to the heart of our decision-making.

March 4, 2021

Federal government must rise to Aged Care Royal Commission challenge

For as long as I represent Indi, I will hold the government to account for the implementation of the Aged Care Royal Commission report recommendations. For us, five parts of the Royal Commission’s blueprint are especially important, and I intend to use my voice in Parliament to pursue these.

February 24, 2021

JobSeeker cut cruel and counterproductive

The effective cut to JobSeeker from April 1 sends the most vulnerable Australians back under the poverty line and does nothing to solve the real challenges to finding work

February 22, 2021

New power agency to drive regional renewables boom

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