June 23, 2023

Matter of Public Importance – Energy

The calls for households to move away from fossil fuels and towards electrification are just becoming louder.

June 23, 2023

National Cultural Policy

We must continue this much-needed arts revival, survival and enable a thriving arts culture.

June 23, 2023

Climate action in the budget

My constituents want to see meaningful and practical action on climate change.

June 23, 2023

Trade Support Loans Amendment Bill 2023

Under this bill, people studying early childhood education, disability and aged care—people who are mostly women—will benefit most from the expanded student loan plan.

June 23, 2023

Nature Repair Market Bill

The Nature Repair Market Bill 2023 presents a significant opportunity to restore, repair and protect Indi’s farmland, bushland, public land and parks, and, in turn, protects our native species.

June 7, 2023

Inspired By Tech Regional Festival

Wangaratta’s Digital Technologies Advisory Committee was recently awarded a National Science Week grant for its Inspired By Tech Regional Festival.

June 7, 2023

Advertising of harmful products

It’s clear that policymakers have known for decades that slick marketing and advertising campaigns increase the likelihood that we will consume products that are harmful to our health.

June 7, 2023

Strengthening the Safety Net

We need to be honest with each other and with the Australian public. These payments remain unconscionably low.

June 1, 2023

A bold vision for our health workforce

The Collaborative Education and Research Centre will be a purpose-built facility which brings together clinical practice, research, education and training.

May 29, 2023

Supporting the aged care sector

Our aged-care workers are at the heart of the system, but across Indi aged-care facilities tell me how incredibly hard it is to attract the much-needed workforce to keep their doors open.


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