Indi collaboration extends mobile coverage

Independent candidate for Indi Helen Haines has congratulated Towong, Benalla and Alpine communities on the success of collaborative work to secure funding for another four mobile telephone base stations in the North East.

The new towers are to be built at Mount Alfred and Berringama in Towong shire, by the
Midland Highway at Lima South near Benalla, and near Freeburgh in Alpine shire.

“With Cathy McGowan AO MP, Independent Member for Indi, I welcome the decision by the federal government and telecommunications providers to improve connectivity for our rural communities,” Dr Haines said.

“It’s essential for families, emergency services, health, education, community and business, and should never be an optional extra for those of us who live in rural areas.

“It’s also a clear demonstration of the highly effective work between the Indi Telecommunications Action Group and our Independent parliamentarian.

“This working group was set up by Cathy, shortly after she was elected in 2013, so that local councils, businesses, emergency services, community groups and mobile network providers could come together to devise an electorate-wide strategy to improve mobile telephone coverage in Indi.

"That process continues to deliver.

“Today’s funding announcement means that 42 base stations in Indi have been funded from the federal government’s program as a result of the Indi Telecommunications Action Group’s on-going collaboration, and another 10 from the Victorian government’s program, to eliminate mobile phone black spots.

“If I’m elected, I’m committed to working with whoever forms government to ensure that this
program continues until all communities in Indi have high quality connectivity and coverage.”


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