Donation Policy

Donation Policy


  1. We accept donations only from individuals who support our campaign values and comply with AEC Guidelines. The AEC guidelines require that;
    • We do not accept donations above $100 from foreign donors.
    • We will disclose contributions above $13,800 in compliance with Section 305A of the Electoral Act.
    • Anonymous donations will not be accepted. Donors must provide their name, address, contact details and amount of donation to enable compliance with the Electoral Act.
    • Donors of contributions subject to the disclosure threshold of $13,800 must lodge an Election Donor Return with the AEC before the end of 15 weeks after the polling day for the election.

  2. To support greater transparency in addition to meeting AEC requirements, our campaign has committed to disclosing all financial donations over $5,000 on the campaign website:
    • this will be posted at the same time as when the campaign submits information on donations to the AEC following the election, including name and locality
    • should Helen be elected, this information will remain available on the website for the life of the Parliament
    • if not elected, this information will remain available on the website for 6 months from the date of the election

  3. Gifts in kind must be valued and disclosed for an amount that reflects the fair value of the item or service contributed.
    • Examples of gifts in kind:
    • the donation of legal advice by a solicitor
    • the donation of professional services normally charged for by the donor
    • the donation of the use of premises to conduct campaign activities

  4. Donors of gifts in kind are required to submit a Donations Gifts in Kind Declaration Form to the campaign.
    • Gifts in kind will be disclosed to the AEC if the value of the gift in kind plus the value of any financial donation by the donor exceeds the $13,800 disclosure threshold
    • In these circumstances, the donor will also be required to make a donor declaration (see 2d above)

  5. Contributions, both financial and gifts in kind, to the campaign are accepted with the assumption that people are donating in good faith, inspired by Doing Politics Differently and campaigning on the basis of Helen Haines’ values and behaviours.

    • No request for privileged access to Helen Haines will be granted as a result of an individual or organisational donation

  6. Donations above $1,000 in value will be assessed by Helen Haines before being accepted for conflict of interest or ethical dissonance. Further information may be requested from donors.

  7. Use of all donations is at the total discretion of the Campaign Team.

  8. Tax deductibility of donations is a matter for donors to establish. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations where possible. It is understood by the campaign that donations made prior to the election being called are not tax deductible.

  9. Donations are not refundable unless it becomes apparent that AEC guidelines or our campaign values have been breached.