Aged care

Aged care

Helen's Health policy Launch

Click the picture above to hear Helen's Aged Care policy launch at Westmont Aged Care, Wodonga.
Friday 26 April.

We have an ageing population. Australians want to stay in their own homes and maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible. The Federal budget handed down just weeks ago  added only 10,000 previously announced home care packages, but still leaves more than 120,000 people on the waiting list. For a Prime Minister who staked his early leadership on aged care this is such a disappointing outcome. In addition some of our more remote areas such as Corryong with high numbers of older persons rely on accessing health services through the Federal multi-purpose service funding - a revenue stream that is severely underfunded and not guaranteed. Funding for transport to access aged care services in rural locations remains problematic and severely underfunded.

  • I will push to cut back the waiting list with additional allocation of aged care packages particularly in locations distant to our regional cities and larger towns.

  • Older Australians and their families need certainty in planning care. In line with calls from peak body Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA), I will introduce a private members bill to legislate maximum waiting times between assessment and delivery of a home care package

  • We need to close the gap physically between areas outside our regional cities and major towns of Indi to assist support of older persons to receive allied health care. This means funded transport for health professionals to outreach distant clients and transport solutions for older people to travel in to services.

  • I will work to guarantee long term Federal funding for Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) which will enable surety of ongoing service delivery in our most remote locations  including allied health services for older persons.